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The Prince Edward Island Pharmaceutical Association celebrated its centennial in 2005.

The first meeting of the Association occurred on June 14th, 1905 in Charlottetown. One of the original functions of the Association was to license individuals to practice pharmacy in the province. Individuals would apply to the Association’s council to write qualifying exams. If the application was approved, the individual would then write the necessary exams. The Association would also oversee business issues relating to the practice of pharmacy in the province.

This dual role remained the same until 1983 when the PEI Pharmacy Board was formed. This allowed for the separation of licensing issues from the economic issues of the profession. It was professed to offer more protection for the public. The Association has since focused its activities on the economic interests of pharmacist members, professional promotion and advocacy, professional insurance, as well as continuing education and other member benefits.

Some interesting facts, taken from the original minute book of the Association, include:

  • Initial dues were $4 per year.
  • On January 1, 1906 there were 40 members of the Association. In 2007, there are more than 125 members.
  • The first employee of the Association was the Secretary / Treasurer in 1907. He was paid $25 per year.
  • The Canadian Pharmaceutical Association conference was held in Charlottetown in 1925.
  • The first president of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association from Prince Edward Island was Mr. E. P. Foley in 1949.

At the 2007 Annual General Meeting of the Association, it was moved by unanimous vote of members present, that the name of our organization be changed from “The PEI Pharmaceutical Association” to “The PEI Pharmacists Association”. This move was thought to better reflect the membership of the Association, and is consistent with name changes in other Canadian jurisdictions.

Our name has changed, but our dedication to the profession of Pharmacy in Prince Edward Island is steadfast!

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